AGA Builds All New Fitness Space for Xtend Barre

A location along Marylebone High Street in the middle of London is to be the site of an all new fitness space from its original state as a bargain basement that was quite frankly none other than a sad waste of property building space. Now, these 3,000 square feet of valuable space in the bustling London metropole will become an all-new studio for fitness enthusiasts and those wishing to get their regular exercise in on track.

Commissioned by US corporate giants Xtend Barre for AGA (or Amos Goldreich Architecture) to visualize the ambitious project, the architectural design firm has delivered the project on time to include a variety of luxurious facilities but with an added down-to-earth feel that will delight and appeal to users from all levels and skills. The original space itself being a dark and dilapidated space, AGA took steps to make sure that enough light could be let into the space by stripping down the walls and then covering them in white paint so that enough light would be reflected all around the walls of the studio.

In addition to this, the main entrance area will also feature some eating and drinking facilities, as well as a sign for exercise tops and gear, in addition to a general sitting space for tired would-be athletes and their impressed guests. Locker room storage areas will also be made available on demand for those that seek it. This is all wonderful news no doubt for the employees and founders of Xtend Barre London as they grow a community that will be able to benefit from the brand new services that the studio will have to offer. This is especially good tidings for Ms Catie Miller, the creator of the London branch of Xtend Barre, and she is ecstatic that the collaboration with Amos Goldreich Architecture has been an all-round success.


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