Andrew Percy to Deliver Speech at Northern Powerhouse Conference

The Minister responsible for implementing the “Northern Powerhouse” strategy into this country, Andrew Percy, has claimed that the government is investing as much as it can into the cities of the North and expects to do much more besides.  This statement precedes what he will explain to a number of leading businessmen and investors in the country at the next Northern Powerhouse Conference, which is planned to be held over two days in Manchester Central from the 21st-22nd of this month of February.

With the intention of drawing the attention of over 3,000 representatives of different countries looking to invest and promote the growth and prosperity of the area, this suggests a great deal of confidence in Andrew Percy that the event will be a successful one and will ensure that the future of the “Northern Powerhouse” is in safe hands. Indeed, in a statement that he made a few days ago, Andrew Percy said that with an area valued at £316 billion (and this was back in 2015, imagine he seems to say what it will be now!)  the North is very much set and ready to experience an even greater amount of investment and growth into its economy than it has ever experienced before.

Andrew Percy is confident that with the government’s support and with the help of such international corporations looking to invest into the area such as Nissan as well as Lufthansa the dreams of a “Northern Powerhouse” are certain to be achieved. Despite the worries of Britain’s exit from the European Union and the maneuvers of a Tory government that is spreading social inequality in the country that is harkening back to the dark days of social desperation that were rife during the Margaret Thatcher reign, Andrew Percy remains evermore confident that the plans to erect a “Northern Powerhouse” are still well and truly capable of being achieved. I have the feeling I’m not in Kansas anymore.


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