Arco Very Pleased to Declare a New Contractual Partnership With Wates Group

Arco, a company which specializes in the procurement of health and safety services to different companies all around the United Kingdom, is very pleased to declare that it has secured itself a vital new contractual partnership with one of the leading giants in property building and construction: the Wates Group. Currently one of the greatest UK-based family-run enterprises operating within the building and construction industry of property development, it is hoped that this three year contractual agreement will be mutually beneficial to both leading enterprises. Essentially, what the health and safety company Arco will provide to the Wates Group is PPE over the course of the next three years.

With more than 4,000 employees at the ready, the owners of the Wates Group are extremely concerned with the safety of their workers on whatever sites that they are working on in the country and it is hoped that Arco are the perfect match in terms of being able to supply their workforce with the appropriate and necessary protective equipment that the workforce will need in order to carry out the various tasks that it will need to carry out for its 10,000-plus base of investors and partners. With this contractual agreement valued at no less than £2 million a year, it is widely hoped that the partnership will be a success and will ensure the future safeguard and wellbeing of every Wates Group employee.

As John Dunne of Wates Group explains, the company’s commitment towards achieving a “Zero Harm” accreditation by the end of the next three years through the combined services and health safety supplies of Arco means that they have high hopes that the company and its workers will be able to blossom and work safely with the implementation of PPE supplied by the ever-reliable Arco services. Placing great emphasis on the safety and wellbeing of their workforce, it is hoped that the contract will ensure that they are safer and happier than ever before working for the Wates Group.


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