Building Plans for Tel Aviv University Building

In order to bring the Lorry Lokey building in closer proximity with the Recanati structure on the huge 200-acre large Tel Aviv University area, the building and construction plans for this initiative have been implemented in order for the building work to commence. Under the tutelage of Gottesman-Szmelcman Architecture, it has been decided that the structure itself will be split in order to enable the structures to be in closer proximity with each other, but will mean that the space will need to be created for this vital construction work to take place. Students will be able to benefit from easier access to the building as well as to the various cafes and eateries located there, as well as allow for meeting space between staff and students alike.

It is hoped that by splitting the large building into two separate structures, the sight of it at Tel Aviv University will have a much lesser impact on the environment by becoming less of an eyesore to visitors and tourists. Of course, aesthetic needs are entirely subjective and the forwarding of an expensive redevelopment scheme based solely on this aspect would seem foolish to the average reader, however the building structure will equally be of a bigger benefit to the members of the university and users of the Tel Aviv University grounds. The erection of two structures will allow for much-needed space in the heated temperatures Tel Aviv frequently experiences and will ensure that 5,300 square meters of land space will be able to provide some shade space to tired individuals.

With a finishing date listed as 2019, this is a huge investment and ambitious project undertaken by the university that will take up much time, energy and resources. However, it is greatly hoped that the lives of those using the Tel Aviv campus will be improved by this extensive new building development.


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