CALA Group Generate Growth in Housing Sector

The worry that not enough homes are being built in the United Kingdom under this Tory government is at least being assuaged a little by the consistent efforts of CALA Group, a building and construction company that has worked extremely hard to produce as many construction and property developments as possible this year. Inside the doors of the Legal & General Capital sector, CALA has shown that its diligence and hard work over the year has ensured that it is able to generate even greater amounts of house building revenue and investments than it could have done without them. Through the efforts and hard work of CALA, Legal & General Capital have already been able to invest no less than £8 billion into improving the infrastructure that will help to provide more and more land development as well as employment opportunities for people all over the country.

Legal & General Capital’s respected MD Paul Stamworth explains that in the three years since acquiring almost half of CALA’s equity, CALA has generated profit growth that has soared from an already impressive 35 per cent to a staggering 370 per cent in the last financial year. Their investment in CALA was clearly a wise one and CALA’s consistent good maintenance of trading and property building means that it will be in good stead to challenge the threats posed to the English economy through the exit from the European Union.

Even at this moment, CALA reports that its trading results in the first few weeks of the New Year were very good, and the building company has acquired vital planning permission to work on 15 areas around the UK that will create1533 brand new properties with a development venture valued at £648 million. Additional thanks must be made to CALA now that Legal & General Capital intends to feed an extra £15 billion for other enterprises in the United Kingdom.


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