Capita Set to Oversee Education Contract in Schools

A company known as Capita Local Government has been chosen by the EFA (also known as the Education Funding Agency) for a brand new contractual deal that will last it a total of three years. During this time Capita will be expected to oversee the collection of data on the conditions of a roundabout total of 5,500 schools located around the country. This is so that the EFA will be able to find out exactly the size as well as the various demographics and education conditions of educational establishments located in the United Kingdom.

Whilst Capita will be in charge of collecting forms of this data for 5,500 schools, the EFA plans to be able to find out more about a grand total of 22,000 schools in the country and this will undoubtedly aid it in assessing the various conditions of schools around the United Kingdom. This will be  a first for the EFA who are hoping that the implementation of these plans will be a success so that it will be able to see the various compositions of schools all around Great Britain in what is essentially a giant, three-year long survey to find out what things need to be implemented into various schools in order that they can improve their overall performance in the future.

This is something that Capita themselves are used to, having already in the past conducted assessment surveys on 5,000 educational establishments located in the Yorkshire and Humber region of the country. This scheme is all part of the Property Data Survey Program (PDSP) that is organized by the EFA in order to determine which schools require more funding in the future and it is hoped that the long-term plans of this initiative will mean that they will have a better idea of what needs to be done to improve the conditions of schools in this country than they do now.


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