Castleoak Complete Development for Retirement Villages

The building and construction contracting company known as Catleoak has finished its involvement with Retirement Villages to get Elmbridge Manor ready to open its doors to the new retirement community that will be able to benefit from the new space for retirement. Before December 2016, Castleoak and Retirement Villages worked extremely hard together in order to ensure that the stately location in Surrey would be able to suit the needs and conditions of the new residents that would come through its doors. Indeed, with the implementation of 19 brand new accommodation locations for residents, it is evident that the site will be ideal for those wanting to retire to a life of peace, calm and monetary luxury.

Elmbridge Manor will equally contain such resources as a bar and food outlet, as well as a library, surgery and many other meet-and-greet facilities in order to ensure that the lives of its new residents are as comfortable as possible. This will also ensure that the Cranleigh community where the Surrey manor is based will be able to benefit from an influx of greater work opportunities for its population, who will be able to work in the new retirement home and is therefore also good news for the community’s ongoing prosperity and infrastructure. Of course, the work never ends for Castleoak, who have now embarked on yet another building development in the location, this time to implement the construction of some 20 brand new apartment spaces for future residents.

James Player of Castleoak is also very pleased that the company has worked well and diligently with Retirement Villages in order to deliver the necessary building projects that are the pride and joy of the company. It is clear that the collaboration with Retirement Villages has been an enjoyable and fruitful one and it is hoped that they will continue to collaborate with the same ease on the future projects on Elmbridge Manor.


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