Contamination Expo Event Director’s Thoughts on Upcoming Event


Health and safety issues are all too often ignored in the workplace and yet it is essential for the goodwill to all (both client and worker) that these are upheld. Every year, the Contamination Expo Series does what it can in order to try and raise people’s awareness of the very problems that they may not realize exist but that most certainly do in the workplace of the building and construction industry.

Through this initiative, leading members as well as clients are able to attend the event and see for themselves the various (often simple) methods that can be implemented in order to ensure the health and safety for individuals while they are carrying out a task. Issues such as the management of waste that is harmful to the environment and to the individual disposing of the waste product are addressed, and the event itself is seen by many as a good chance for networking their services to other members in the industry who want to know what exactly they have to offer to them.

The event itself, set to take place in late September from the 27th  to the next day, will be held in London and anyone interested in attending the various classes and seminars is actively encouraged to have a look on the Contamination Expo Series website and see for themselves what the event will feature. Of course, this event is an ever-expanding one, with more and more companies dealing with health and safety opting to attend over the years. Indeed, Daniel Rogers the Event Director of the planned enterprise is pleased to welcome the newest members to the event, who specialize in the handling and disposal of that chemical from hell known as asbestos. With their recent inclusion in the event, it is hoped that they will be able to encourage a wider range of people in the building and construction industry to attend and it is hoped that by September the event will be as fully booked and as successful as can possibly be.


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