CPF Holds New Location in Brighton

The popular touristic area of Brighton is witnessing a large amount of building shifts between companies that are deciding to have investments such as offices there, and the Charities Property Fund is the latest firm to set up an office there.

Previously owned by Aviva, the International House located on Queen’s Road in the seaside community’s area was acquired by the CPF at a cost of £11.2 million and this is a clear sign that it wishes to build on the successes of the area by moving there.

Indeed, in the vicinity of the office area itself is the Brighton train station, thus making it a more than ideal location for those traveling to work. The fact that Brighton is such a popular investment where companies like to set up office bases there means that there is a lot of competition for the space itself and the CPF had to cough up a large amount of dough in order to be able to set up a base there in the first place. The fact that Permitted Development has meant that the wolfing up of territory in the Brighton area has hit an all-time high meant that the CPF needed to use a number of its financial resources to be able to invest there in the first place.

Indeed, as Angy Benitz of the CPF explains, the fact that as of 2013 the city had sold around 800,000 square feet of its office areas meant that the CPF had to act quickly and efficiently in order to acquire the space off Aviva and beat other rival competitors wishing to settle there. Now that the company has its second office base in the area, this means that it is in a better position than it has ever been before to conduct its business in the south of England in the Brighton area.


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