DC Superheroes and Villains Come to London

Lego? DC Superheroes and Villains? What could one possibly want more in life! The exciting news to greet the city of London is that the biggest exhibition of DC characters made from Lego bricks ever is coming back to London on the 1st day of March this very year. This unique artistic project, masterminded by creative superman Nathan Sawaya, will feature such adored characters from the DC Universe as Batman, Superman as well as those whom we love to hate like the iconic Joker and the sensuous Harley Quinn. All made from lego bricks, this ambitious project will come crashing through the doors of London’s South Bank in March and the event is set to be a memorable occasion indeed. Having used pieces of lego amounting to their millions, Nathan Sawaya is delighted to release new features to the gallery, which will include a 5.5 meter Batmobile all made out of approximately half a million lego pieces.

The artist must have had a lot of time on their hands indeed, and time well spent for that matter. Having toured in over 75 different locations around the globe, the eagerly awaited event will now have a welcome space in the grand city of London itself, and Mister Sawaya will be proud to introduce his artistic endeavors to a whole new cohort of fans from all over the country. Known as “The Art of the Brick,” the showcasing of this fascinating event will undoubtedly be of interest to comic-book fans as well as fans of building lego.

Furthermore, the fact that the millions of pieces of material and the amount of time and vision involved is arguably a sign to artists and members of the construction industry alike that the two sectors can walk brick in brick (metaphorically speaking) to producing all-new forms of wonderful artistic building projects, whether they be for construction sites or for the intelligentsia of the London art world and comic-book fans from all over the country.


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