Ever Seen A Hidden House in London?

The well-respected firm of architects LTS Architects has yet again proved itself to be a beacon in architectural innovation with its new set of property designs that push the boundaries of what can be achieved even wider in the world of design that ever before.

Their new ambitious creation is based in the bustling Knightsbridge area of the city of London and is known as the “hidden house” concept. The premise of these particular homes is that the exterior of the structure might not be able to be seen by ordinary passers-by and pedestrians, but the inside of the home is spacious and luxuriously set up.

So what might at first resemble a tiny door in the wall can actually have an inside that is out of this world  in terms of innovation and design: it is as if Alice had climbed through the tiny door and into the new exciting world of Wonderland. Using such forms of building and construction materials as glazed roofing materials, laminated plywood structures that hold the property firmly together. Meanwhile, special transparent materials within the property allow plenty of natural light to shower those inside with the beautiful British weather (or lack of) and the property’s “L” shaped structure means that it is not only spacious but also interestingly laid out and aesthetically pleasing.

Through this, it is clear that LTS Architects chief Greg Shannon has overseen a very ambitious project that is deceptively small to all who pass it, but luxurious to whoever actually goes inside and crosses the threshold. Glass flooring and other implementations such as the actual uncluttered location of the sitting areas and mezzanine, as much light as possible will be let into this property and it is clear that both manufacturers and owners can consider themselves proud to have delivered on what is a wholly ambitious and innovative project.


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