Finishing Touches Made to Lincolnshire Station

The train station of Stamford located in the area of Lincolnshire is finally in the ending processes of its planned repair works by Network Rail. Operating throughout the country in order to improve the conditions of railway stations and the experiences of passengers, Network Rail has worked tirelessly over the year to improve the way that transportation works in this country, but they would not be able to do this without the efforts of a hard-working and committed workforce of individuals and hired contractors in the building and construction industries of this nation.

For Stamford station, Network Rail collaborated with East Midlands Trains as well as the well-respected Railway Heritage Trust.  Much of the work itself involved the improvement of the station’s roof structure, which was done so through the implementation of Collyweston stone, a material that the structure has been used in stations around Lincolnshire for centuries. The work also involved creating a canopy area as well as improving the surface conditions of the platform areas of the station, amounting to a total staggering cost of more than £1 million. It is clear that the project however was worth the money that it cost and the personality and uniqueness of the structure will soon be able to be admired by users of East Midlands Trains and commuters in the local Lincolnshire area.

Network Rail were also financially backed in this ambitious enterprise by the Railway Heritage Trust, which contributed £150,000 in grant funding: this revenue was used to implement the station’s beautiful new canopy that is set to be the talk of Stamford and the Lincolnshire train-crazy population. Andrew Conroy of East Midlands Trains is hopeful that users of Stamford station will be pleased with the changes that have taken place. Similarly, Andy Savage of the Railway Heritage Trust is delighted that the Trust was able to make such a valuable contribution to the project.


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