The Future of Building in This Country


Small-to-medium enterprises have expressed their hopes that they will be given a good deal by the government that will help them progress into the future economic years ahead. However, is this a real likelihood or mere wishful thinking guff? What is clear is that the British government in Westminster is in total disarray at the current moment in time and it is impossible to tell what the prospects really are for the building design and construction industries at the moment.

It is quite clear that a lot of small firms and enterprises have indeed been successful in the acquisition of certain lucrative contracts, such as the announced deal that will enable contractual company Barnwood Construction Limited to build Oxford’s first Grade A structure in the Oxford Science Park. Whilst this puts the company in an excellent current economic position (the contract awarded them is worth an impressive £13 million!) it is uncertain what situation the rest of the country will indeed be in by the time of 2018 when the Oxford Science Park project is due to be finished. Indeed, it is impossible to tell what position we will be in next week, never mind in a year’s time! What is clear however is that businesses and enterprises in the building and construction industry will need to consider very carefully the impact that the combined double-whammy potential disaster of leaving the single market as well as the customs union.

The debate and outcomes of the government officials in Westminster will undoubtedly have an impact on the building design and construction enterprises all around the country. Whilst there have been initiatives to try and determine what that outcome will be, there will need to be a clearer strategy to bear in mind, rather than simply thinking that whatever happens will not affect the industry as a whole. Mark these words, dear reader: whether for the better or for the worse, it will.


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