Future Energy Solutions Report Confusion

Future Energy Solutions has intimated that there is currently a great deal of unnecessary confusion and uncertainty about the various things that can be done to use renewable resources of energy in the households of British people. It is evident that what the Tory government has been doing is simply not enough in trying to encourage people to use more varied forms of renewable energy in their daily activities.

If anything, their support for the nuclear power station in Sellafield at the upcoming local election is evidence enough that they are not putting renewable sources of energy at the top of their priorities and are instead trying to gain as much popularity as they can at a time when Labor’s opinion polls are unexpectedly low. The MD of Future Energy Solutions Joel Tetlow has emphasized that there simply is not enough awareness with what can actually be done in order to help us secure ourselves a sustainable and environmentally stable future. This will undoubtedly have some kind of impact on all of us at some point or another and it is therefore vital that these legitimate concerns are listened to and acted upon. The fact that the country as a whole is actually on track to missing its target for renewable energy sources by quite a large margin suggests that we have actually been going backwards and that not enough is being done to find out the alternative renewable resources that we can use to supply energy all over the National Grid.

It is also evident that whilst Future Energy is doing what it can to inform the public of what simple things can be done to reduce our impact on the environment, this is just not enough and some special form of government backing and legislation needs to be implemented in order to make a change. Reusing bags to avoid the 5p charge is simply not enough of an advancement.


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