Good News from Alumasc


A set of individuals dedicated to premium materials in the building and construction industry known as Alumasc (ALU.L) is very happy to declare the latest news on the contracts obtained by a company known as Levolux. This enterprise in the building and construction industry has enabled itself, based on Alumasc’s report dated 31st January of this year, to secure itself three new contractual deals that will enable it to be able to provide the various parties involved with the appropriate balcony as well as balustrade set ups in the country. What this essentially boils down to is that the company itself will benefit from an injection of £5 million into its accounts that will keep it in the clean for the next two years of business in the industry.

This is a huge security measure that will help the company to invest in even more contractual agreements and deals with businesses and will also act as something to fall back on if times prove to be tough given the EU backlash to the referendum that seems to be becoming a more and more inevitable eventuality. This therefore indicates the meteoric rise in Alumasc’s  profit prospects and the company’s books have already increased in number of orders to a total of £32.9 million, which sets the company a new record that it has never achieved before now. This is therefore excellent news for Alumasc who have seen their revenues in the past few months increase by 17 per cent to a total of £50.7 million.

All of these developments effectively indicate that the group itself is in fact far ahead compared in terms of its increased growth in profits as compared with the rest of market growth all around the United Kingdom and shows that Alumasc is outperforming its other peers in the building and construction sector, proving itself to be a prime example of how companies can do well in the industry and whose example ought to be followed, such as their ongoing commitment to growth and investment despite the warning clouds of Brexit.


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