Good News from Crest Nicholson

The good news continues to seep into the press releases for Crest Nicholson, which wants to report that their Annual Integrated Report for the time between 2015 and 2016 has shown a healthy rise in revenue for them. Indeed, the corporation indicates that there has been a 24 per cent rise in the amount of revenue that it has managed to acquire over the course of the last financial year. This is excellent news for a company that has consistently proven to be able to meet targets and to forge good relations with a varied and colorful client base, and the rise in revenue by almost a quarter on the previous year indicates that they have yet again pulled the rabbit out of the hat and that the hard work of the Crest Nicholson team has paid off. It is an even more impressive fact to consider that the company has also as a result of this managed to achieve a target of £1 billion generated through sales and this is one thing that all members of the company can be extremely proud of.

The final report of the 2015-2016 financial year also indicates that the company consistently invests itself in its future, and has devoted over £1 million towards an apprenticeship scheme for young individuals wanting to start out in the industry. Considering that there is a reported major worry that there are just not enough opportunities for young people anymore, it is nice to see that a company like Crest Nicholson is showing that it cares about younger generations and wants them to develop a future for themselves by working for the company.

It is equally clear that the company cares about where it settles as well, and the report indicates that it has committed up to £144.7 million towards aspects of social housing as well as infrastructure in those areas of the United Kingdom where it has operated.


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