GSA Declares Their New Member on Committee

Mister Struan Robertson has been honored with being selected by GSA to become the newest person to be added to their executive Group Board and will equally be acting as the new Chairman of the company’s Investment Committee. GSA, which specializes in the building of residences for students all over the country, is extremely proud to welcome such an experienced member of the housing and building industry through their doors. Indeed, with the greater demand for student places at university also comes the even greater and more pressing increase for building and designing new accommodation sites in order to house them. It is therefore clear that much-needed investment needs to take place in order to ensure that companies like GSA can handle the various demands for accommodation space in the years to come.

With 20,000 individual accommodation residence space laid out across an expanse of no less than seven different countries, a business like GSA is forever committed to the idea of developing new and alternative forms of housing and construction that is able to cater and satisfy the increased demand for student space at campuses all over the world. Having succeeded the procurement to build 2,500 new beds in Japan, GSA are clearly paving the way forward as a prime example of a business that prides itself with over-seas projects and investment initiatives. Indeed, the building business has projects and initiatives planned for the year in countries as varied as Australia as well as Japan, and it is clear that with $1.5 billion in its investment strategy, Mister Struan Robertson will have his hands full in terms of helping to develop the company’s investing initiatives even more extensively than ever before.

With a wide range of experience in investing in the hospitality sector, such as hotel and short-stay accommodation, Mister Struan Robertson is clearly very pleased to take on the challenge of becoming GSA’s new chief of investment strategy in the years to come.


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