Hit the Floor With the New Rolls Royce Factory!

Sika Limited are forever dedicated towards providing new and ever innovative solutions and radical alternatives to the current chemical materials that are on offer to the building and construction industries.

Their product, Sikafloor-262AS, has been used by independent contractor firm Zircon Flooring in order to enable the floor surfaces of a car factory to be completely secure and slip-free for workers there to carry on the important work that they are doing to make one of the most luxurious products known to man: the Rolls Royce. The Sikafloor product was used in order to renovate an expanse of the manufacturing plant floor, a space that covered a grand total of 14, 000 meters square. This was clearly an ambitious task for the combined efforts of the Sikafloor product and the workers of Zircon Flooring, since not only did this particular customer require the work to be installed without having a significant impact on the production rates of the Rolls Royce firm, they also insisted on an early date for the flooring project to complete.

This would mean that Zircon Flooring would only have 18 days (less than three weeks) to complete the task that they had been set to provide a smooth and textured floor finish for the manufacturer: they were therefore wise to use the products of a company like Sika Group Limited, who indeed specialize in providing products that are relatively simple to apply to the foundations of the material and that are also relatively easy for contracted workers to use and get the hang of. Fortunately, the Sikafloor-262AS was successfully applied to the surfaces ensuring the smooth and quality aesthetic finish that the client had demanded and what is more was so simple to apply that Zircon Flooring managed to complete the task even quicker than the swift deadline of 18 days. Yet again, Sirka Limited products have proved themselves effective and easy to use to the building and construction industry.


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