Increasing Worries For the Building, Design and Construction Industry

One of the increasing worries that have been highlighted to be a key issue for the building, design and construction industry in this country is the issue of skills shortages. This is a particularly pressing problem at this crucial time in our country’s history with the EU referendum, where the security of skilled European workers is still uncertain. Hudson Contract, based in the United Kingdom, have implemented a solution to this that it seems other businesses in the industry would be encouraged to follow as well. This is the creation of a new Apprenticeship Scholar Scheme that will encourage young people from all over the country to become the future workforce of Great Britain. Up to this current moment in time, the company has been able to support up to a grand total of 80 apprentices, of which 19 per cent have joined the bricklaying profession in the last half of the decade. Indeed, Mister David Jackson the founding mind behind the company has expressed his commitment to ensuring that younger generations of people are encouraged more than ever to pursuing the careers in building and construction that they want to.


With the creation of new apprenticeship schemes and sponsoring, Hudson Contract also ensures that many individuals who might not be able to afford such apprenticeship schemes are able to benefit from them as well, showing that all strata of society are welcomed by Hudson into the construction trade. With National Apprenticeship Week set to take place in early March next month, the company is therefore very keen to indicate the various ways in which it can  help young people starting work in the sector to thrive and gain valuable experience that will undoubtedly prove incredibly useful to them in the future impending years of their careers to come. Hudson Contract has announced its intention to include an extra 20 new youngsters into its apprenticeship scheme.


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