Joint Partnership Able to Work on University of Glasgow


Two different companies have joined forces together in order to collaborate and have succeeded as a result of this of being able to work a masterful new plan of theirs on the renovation of the University of Glasgow. Indeed, it is a sure sign that consistent collaboration and cooperation between different firms in different industries can eventually pay off and reap the rewards for those involved. This is certainly the case for both AECOM as well as 7N Architects, who have recently been awarded planning permission to renovate and restructure the University of Glasgow for the better.

Indeed, the plans by both AECOM and 7N Architects will involve working on a new 85,000 meters square in order to bring the various sides of the Glasgow campus together and to ensure that the city remains proud to be the home of one of the best universities in the whole of Scotland. It is clear that this master plan will be able to ensure that all new graduates, professors and individuals who come through the university’s  quarters will be able to see a brand new, fully integrated campus that will hopefully encourage more students than ever before to settle there.

Furthermore, the planned implementation of new buildings and structures of various shapes and sizes being given consent by Glasgow City Council is a significant step in the proceedings for the efforts of AECOM and 7N, who will ensure over the next half of the decade that the £430 million price tag to build on the university grounds will be money well spent. Such sentiments are equally evoked by a member of the collegiate itself, Professor Anton Muscatelli, who is very pleased that the Glasgow City Council has commended the project with their much-needed seal of approval. With this development in the proceedings in place, work to improve the campus and to bring its existing parts together into a cohesive whole can now begin.


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