L & G Gears up for First BTR Initiative

Legal & General are trying to cope with the issues surrounding the current housing crisis which is putting many renters under a huge amount of stress and worry due to the unacceptable standards and the lack of scruples by landlords, who are imposing exorbitant rents and causing misery to the lives of millions of renters around the country. Part of an initiative that the government wants to implement supposedly to tackle this issue is the BTR (buy to rent) scheme that it announced in its white paper recently, and L & G will be implementing the building and construction of the first of these BTR schemes in Salford on the outskirts of Manchester.

The new site itself will be known as The Slate and is set to be opened to potential new residents early this summer, and the company has deployed the services of an enterprise known as “urbanbubble” in order to ensure that the dreams of better and more affordable renting for all is achieved as soon as possible in order to salvage the ruined experiences of many people living in rented properties at the present moment. Indeed, with the construction and building of buy-to-rent properties, it is widely hoped that the scheme will be able to be successfully implemented through this partnership between LGIM and “urbanbubble.”

Dan Batterton of LGIM Real Assets hopes that the project will allow renters greater flexibility on the different services that they use and will be able to benefit from more reasonable standards and housing conditions than under the current landlord-tenant guidelines and policies that are in place. In a similar vein, Michael Howard of “urbanbubble” has explained that he is very pleased that the company, of which he is the MD, is partnering up with LGIM Real Assets in order to deliver this new housing project on time and on budget to the best of their ability.


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