LIDL Developments in Holland


The future of commerce in the Netherlands at least among LIDL delegates seems even more cemented for a lucrative future following the deal its E-Commerce branch has made with Delin CAM on an area of land in the bustling Roosendaal region of the country. In total, no less than 58,000 square meters have been agreed on between the two large and profitable enterprises. By pre-letting this large piece of land to LIDL, it is hoped that even more logistical developments and plans for building will continue in order to ensure the future of e-commerce in the thriving region as well as in that of Holland as a whole, and for the rest of Europe in the North Western regions of the world for that matter. The Benelex region will also witness significant growth and retail expansion as the year progresses further on into March and April, with a total of 100,000 square meters of the overall 150,000 square meters expected to already be in the stages of building and development by the end of this very year.

This clearly demonstrates the logistical developments that are taking place within LIDL itself and other retail sectors, meaning that enterprises like DCAM can invest even more than ever before into building space for these companies to organize their logistical developments across the whole of Europe. In Amsterdam Park, a particularly popular logistics site due to its strategic proximity to the busy port of the same city, DCAM will devote themselves to pursuing the construction of warehouse space in amounts totaling 35,000 square meters of space for companies with the rent funding capacity to use for their logistics procedures and for storage.

With reliable contractual development company Unibouw expected to complete the building, design and construction of the warehouse space and with plans to have it up and run by early next year of 2018, the future of DCAM and companies such as LIDL looks bright in Holland.


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