Lighting Industry Association Receive Coveted Prize

The well regarded and respected Lighting Industry Association (LIA) have reached new heights of construction achievement when they were named as the “Best Construction Industry Trade Association” in the whole of the United Kingdom. They were granted this award after much time and effort in the building and construction industry to make their firm one of the best service providers in the land. The awarding body themselves have been in operation for the last three years and are dedicated to ensuring that companies and individuals in all kinds of industries get recognized for their achievements and hard work in the respective industries that they are in.

Such various industries that the award covers range from catering in hotels and infirmaries to the building and construction industries, which the LIA managed to beat in order to seize the prestigious title that it won. As organized by Build Magazine, the event is an obvious testament to the hard work of firms all around the country to improve and invest in new forms of technology for the advancement of industry itself all around the country. Indeed, Mister Steve Davies the Chief Executive Officer at LIA is naturally jubilant that the company was awarded for its incredible hard work throughout the years to improve its efforts all across its various departments. The award itself  is clearly not only a testament to the company itself, but also to its clients, employees and representatives all around the country that help to make the Lighting Industry Association the best that it can be.

It is hoped that the award will increase the company’s popularity among clients and will encourage other businesses to follow suit and commit themselves to delivering the best service possible that they can to those who need it. Surely the company’s recognition by Build Magazine is a sign that hard work does indeed pay off eventually.


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