“Live-Learn” Base to be Expected in Liverpool

The city of Liverpool council has approved the building and construction of a new “live-learn” base that will be guaranteed to be the new center hub for learning and state-of-the-art education once it is set up.

This particular building will be set up at the LIC (also known as the Liverpool International College) and has been commissioned to be constructed by CPMG Architects, a well-respected architectural firm who have a penchant for these kinds of ambitious and expensive projects. A joint initiative that is run between the University of Liverpool in collaboration with Kaplan, the new facility will comprise of a high-tech area of 47,000 square feet and is set to also have no less than 13 storeys.

These will be able to provide students and those using the facilities enough space and comfort to study and socialize in order to ensure their wellbeing and that they use all of the features of the project to their maximum potential. Thanks to this project, members of CPMG Architects are confident that this new structure will be of a huge benefit to the education sector of the city of Liverpool and will encourage more and more people to consider choosing Liverpool as a place of study. The famous Knowledge Quarter of the city that is one of the largest and best education areas along the shores of the Mersey will also be enhanced through this innovation and Hugh Avison of CPMG Architects is confident that the scheme itself will be a success for all involved.

Through this, it is evident that the Grove Street initiative will also prove to be an aesthetic venture, since the building’s actual structure will help to enhance the already stunning skyline panorama of the city. Set to be ready to open its doors by 2019, there is a while yet to wait but well worth waiting considering the ambition of the project.


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