London Legacy Development Corporation Grants Building Award


The LLDC has recently allowed Lyndon Goods Architecture (LGA) to begin work on a new site that will feature in the center of the capital’s bustling Hackney Wick environment. Drawn from the fish art that is such a star of Fish Island in Hackney Wick, the new building structure is set to include a grand total of 580  new habitations. A number of designers have affiliated themselves with the project that include Haworth Tompkins as well as Pitman Tozer, with inspirations from all kinds of other buildings in the Hackney Wick area including of course those on Fish Island. Having been in implementation since the end of December in 2016, the designing period to allow Block A of the structure to be built is well under way now and will be able to contain five storeys of building.

It will contain 16 apartments of room numbers ranging between 1 and 3, and will also have the space for a restaurant as well as a café-bar area to be installed upon the premises. This is excellent news for the developers who have styled the outside of the façade to resemble a gritty urban outside that is a feature of the buildings and artwork of Fish Island. Structured and patterned from a material look known as herringbone, the new building development is set to be the pride and joy of the Hackney Wick area.

Indeed, LGA Director Mister Simon Goode has announced that he is very pleased that the building will be able to act as a testament to the inspired and unusual artwork that is a feature of the area and is pleased that through this the structure will be able to blend in well with the surrounding environment. It is clear that the work of those on Fish Island Village will be paid homage as it should be by Lyndon Goods Architecture.



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