“Mates in Mind” Initiative to Tackle Issues of Mental Health

The building and construction industries will no doubt hugely benefit from this progressive measure organized by the British Safety Council (BSC) to improve the lives of workers in the sector who have mental health to contend with and it is hoped that a much greater understanding of how to work with this will improve the lives of these individuals in the workplace.

Following on from the meeting convened by the Health in Construction Leadership Group (or HCLG) back on the 28th January this year, the Chief Executive Officers declared the go-ahead for the “Mates in Mind” initiative. This particular new initiative is designed to enable site managers, foremen and team leaders the opportunity to learn more about the challenges experienced by construction workers suffering from mental illness, and how their leaders can help them to have a better experience of their workplace.

In this way, the prejudices and preconceptions made about those affected by mental health issues can be lifted in the workplace, thus encouraging integration, understanding, compassion and a better relationship between workers on site. This vital and necessary goal is aided and approved by a number of other charitable organizations dedicated to tackling issues of mental health, including such charitable bodies as Mind and Mental Health First Aid England.

Featuring an attendance of 300 team leaders and heads in the building and construction industry, the HCLG was a successful and innovative meeting that has been in place twice now, and it is greatly hoped that the program will be a success. As under the implementation of Mike Robinson of the BSC, it is greatly hoped that the staggering figures showing how many thousands of construction employees around the country are affected by mental health due to problems encountered in the construction industry will be significantly lowered in the future years to come. It is hoped that businesses all over the industry will cooperate to making this encouraging intention a reality.


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