MJO Limited Wins MyBuilder Job of the Year Contest


The much anticipated MyBuilder Job of the Year contest is an award that is a testament to the hard building and construction work that goes on in this country as well as a testament to the collaborative and friendly relationship maintenance between client and worker.

Every year, MyBuilder works hard to ensure that the cash prize that it awards is split between the winning contractor and the client who nominated them. With 34,000 votes and 12 entrants for the judging panel to choose from, the competition is not quite as divisive as the EU referendum but is nevertheless just as intense and important for the building design and construction industries that operate all over this country.

This year’s prize has been granted to a business known as MJO Limited based in Sleaford, whose star tradesman was known other than the great Martin Robinson, who has been awarded a £5,000 cash prize for his efforts by the MyBuilder online service. Mr Robinson was nominated by house owning client Ellouise Hampstead, who was delighted to put him forward due to his consistent hard work, determination and personal kindness towards her: indeed, he even went so far as to furnish building materials for the project that she employed him for free of charge.

Thanks to this, she was able to complete her project within the budget that she had set herself, and her nomination of him for Job of the Year can be seen as a heartfelt reminder that the work that builders conduct all over the country is very much appreciated by Brits everywhere. For Mister Robinson, his share of the winnings will probably go towards his own property, as his partner has vetoed his desires to buy a Harley Davidson bike. Whilst his days as a would-be Hells Angel of Lincolnshire or Sleaford mod are missed, his work as a builder for Ellouise Hampstead continues and he will work tirelessly once more to ensure that she is able to move into her repaired home by Christmas time.


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