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The Head of Civil Engineering of well-respected firm Morgan Tucker, named Tom Ingram, has emphasized more than ever before the need for building companies to take into consideration the disastrous and disruptive effects of flooding into their building developments. Since the winter of 2015 to 2016, the weather situation in the United Kingdom has got increasingly worse and heavy gales and winds such as “Hurricane Barbara” caused major disruptions to worksites all over the country.

What Tom Ingram emphasizes is that building contractors and site managers need to implement some careful tactics into their work that takes careful consideration of the ways in which flooding in the area can put workers and sites at risk. Whilst it is good that many building companies are very well aware of the dangers of flooding, there needs to be more risk assessment taking on sites and land developments that actually take into appropriate consideration the various amounts of things that can be implemented so that if a flood does occur workers and site managers are prepared and have put in appropriate health and safety measures in place.

For example, certain factors such as the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) that has been put in place by the European Union whilst advantageous to many actually increases the risk of flooding to local areas near maize production grounds and farms. Tom Ingram calls for companies and architectural firms as well as property and land developers of all kinds to take a more serious attitude towards the effects of flooding and not to simply ignore the implementation of safer methods as too expensive or unnecessary. With the weather taking a turn for the worse this year, it is clearly more important than ever that risk assessments are taken and that methods are put into place in order to ensure that water is not irrigated onto building sites through flooding as it has done so much in the past few years. An appropriate alternative to these problems needs to be sought out.


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