MTC Implements New Team to Improve Developments


The Manufacturing Technology Center is pleased to announce that it has implemented a new A-Team that will be able to put investment and development at the forefront of the construction industry in Britain. The fact that the age of digitalization and the advances of technology in the field will require a very experienced and knowledgeable team of individuals to work out what the building industry can do to improve itself and grow in the new age of the 21st Century.

The new squad will include Phil Cartwright, Susan Hone-Brookes and Trudi Sully who are all experienced individuals in board membership and management of the building and construction industries in this country. It is evident that they will be able to use their vast range of experience and management capabilities to ensure that the focus of the building industry remains on developing a solid infrastructure for itself so that it can conduct its business transactions as smoothly and in as efficient and sustainable a way as possible. This initiative is part of the Manufacturing Technology Center’s desire to continue to ensure that the building, design and construction industry has a solid footing in the uncertain world market of today and it is important that it first establishes a firm bedrock of an infrastructure so that it can then continue to develop and prosper as effectively and as safely as possible.

With the country’s governing forces passing a strategy for building businesses to achieve greater sustainability and reduce their impact on the environment by the year 2025, MTC’s development of a new team of individuals specially dedicated towards this subject should enable businesses to see 2025 as an achievable target. Naming this plan “Working Together: Transforming Construction,” it is evident that they are very concerned with achieving what the government has demanded them to do. Through the joint efforts of Messrs Cartwright, Hone-Brooks and Sully, this can be transformed from a government pipe dream into a foreseeable reality.


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