New Implementations of Health and Safety Operations Have Been Put Into Place


Workers all over the country need to be made aware of the various methods and new implementations of health and safety operations that have been put into place for them. It was reported by the Health and Safety Executive recently that a total of 144 people working on building sites were killed at work between 2015 and 2016. This is a very alarming statistic that betrays the dangers of working companies in this country that do not take into consideration enough the wellbeing of their workers and it is a sign that more and more businesses in the construction industry need to get with the program and put the safety of their workers first.

Whilst the number of workmen dying on-site has decreased in the 21st Century from the previous ones in Britain, it is a worrying sign in these times to still see that a considerable number are being reported to have died on site. It is clear, for example, that putting unobtainable targets before the safety of working contractors does result in them having to put their health and safety at risk. With the amount of increased investment and lucrative contractual deals being won every day by companies, more needs to be done to relieve the pressure off workers that can distract them from remaining in a safe working environment.

Indeed, every worker in this country ought to have the right to not have to put their very lives at risk in the jobs that they carry out and this is also true for those committing to work in the building design and construction enterprises in this country. The statistics of people dying on building sites is something that needs to be significantly lowered as the years go by and it is hoped that the Health and Safety Executive will have less to report in the future on this particular matter.


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