New Opportunity for Business Growth By Siemens and Bentley Systems

An exciting new opportunity for business growth has been signaled by Siemens and Bentley Systems, who have indicated their intentions to partner up to increase the amount of digital initiative into their various work initiatives. The companies themselves will implement a staggering 50 million euros that will be intent on increasing the digitization of its services. This will be done in order to help the various client bases of Siemens to be satisfied on a quicker and easier level. The cloud designs of both companies will also be able to merge into one, stemming Siemens’ sterling reputation in the industry as a leading figure in collaborative enterprises between various companies around the rest of the world.

This initiative to encourage digitized construction in businesses has also been previously used by Turnkey Manufacturing Systems (TMS) to great success, ensuring that time and cost factors of production were cut to a minimal amount. Through the successful implementation of this, it is clear that Siemens will also benefit from this decision if it plays its cards wisely. Furthermore, an estimated 70 million Euros worth of stock shares will be granted to Siemens, further cementing relations between the two companies. Through this concern and attention paid to these new forms of three-dimensional technology, Siemens are paving the digital future for themselves, and Klaus Helmrich has expressed his delight that the global company is working closely with Bentley Services to achieve this result with flying colors.

In a similar vein, the chief executive officer of Bentley Services, Mister Greg Bentley, has indicated his happiness that the relationship with Siemens has consistently proved beneficial to them and anticipates great advances in the field of technology with a company like Siemens getting involved in that specific and digital area of the development industry. The hopes are high that the two companies’ merger and investments into each other’s trust will be one that will yield the produce of prosperity for them in the years to come.


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