NHBC Reports Rise in Registered Properties

The National House Building Council (NHBC) has compiled and released a number of statistics that suggest that the amount of new properties being registered all across Great Britain is on the rise. Indeed, the NHBC found that over 150,000 new properties had been on its register, making it the second largest number increase in homes to have been put on the register since the noughties.

In total, 151,687 properties were listed by the national council body dedicated to the registration of homes across the land in 2016, which in actual fact was a figure 2 per cent lower than in 2015 the previous year. However, the figures still show an impressive 70 per cent advance on the amount of homes that were registered back in the disastrous housing crisis that occurred between 2008 and 2009 a few years later: does this indicate that Britain is well on the road to recovery?

Certainly, regions in the country outside of London do indeed seem to have seen growth in the amount of NHBC-registered properties, totaling an overall rise outside of London by 4 per cent. Similarly, it was areas outside of the city capital, such as in Yorkshire and the Humber regions of the country, which saw the largest rise in home property registrations from the year before, which for Yorkshire totaled an impressive 27 per cent rise. On the other hand, there are clear concerns that need to be raised from these figures. There has, for example, been a decrease in the amount of homes registered in the “affordable sector” in this country, with a total of 35,998 this year from 37,998 in 2015 which has dropped more than the amount of homes in the private sector, which this year was at 115,689. Whether the optimism raised by the NHBC figures remains is yet to be seen.


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