Novus Property Solutions and The Guinness Partnership

A fantastic new deal has been struck between maintenance provider Novus Property Solutions and The Guinness Partnership in order to help the company to improve the condition of some land development area located in Stockport. The Guinness Partnership is a very well-respected housing firm that will need to use the services provided by Novus in order to enable it to refurbish and improve the conditions of the outside of a number of its residential apartments in the area of Stockport.

In providing fantastic social housing all across the United Kingdom, The Guinness Partnership are very pleased that they are able to provide their services towards building more social properties for the less well off of this society that are being hit the hardest by the government’s cutting of council funds and investments all over the various areas of the country. Of course, this is not the only time that The Guinness Partnership has had to deal with Novus Property Solutions, and the two business bodies have collaborated in the past to wonderful effect, demonstrating the bonds between businesses that can make life for investors and owners much easier than when they are constantly competing with each other.

As Gary Taylor of The Guinness Partnership who will be surveying the Stockport project explains, it is evident that the two companies have a long-standing amicable relationship. Indeed, The Guinness Partnership were impressed by Novus’ work ethic when it successfully completed a refurbishment job on the former’s Manchester base back in January 2015. Through the successful and subsequent completion of this job, they were very pleased to declare that they were once again committing themselves to using the services of Novus to ensure that the redevelopment of their Stockport social housing assets would go as smoothly and as productively as the last project had done. It is clear that the friendly relations between the two companies put them in a good collaborative relationship that will last for a long time to come.


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