Opinions on Advancements of Manchester Railway Project

With the recent implementation of two huge 600 ton weighing archways as part of the Ordsall Chord initiative to improve the railway connections between the three key Manchester railway stations, it is useful to see what the leading forces in the project had to say about the advancements of the project. Alan Parker the Program Manager of Network Rail explained that he was very pleased that the completion of this stage of the project indicated that it is yet again closer to being completed on time and on schedule. He cited the actual lifting of the arches over the famous River Irwell that runs through the city as a major site that it will take a long time for him to forget. Indeed, at 600 tons each, the elevation of this two structures must have been incredibly impressive.

Similarly, David Brown the CEO of Transport for the North wanted to express his elation that the railway link is closer to being complete and added that this initiative will encourage the rest of the developments to improve the conditions of the railway systems all across the Northern regions of the United Kingdom. He also emphasized that these changes are not merely restricted to the railways, and that the initiative that is taking place in Manchester will undoubtedly help other projects taking place in transport improvements (such as the investments in Northern air and motorway refurbishments) all over the North of the country. Paul Staples of the TransPennine Express was also present to see the event for himself and was adamant that the news is not merely fantastic for Manchester, but also for all the other railway networks operating around the Northern areas.

In a similar vein, the Project Manager of Severfield as well as the leading architect of the project, Messrs Jarrod Hulme and Peter Jenkins, were both very pleased with the hard work of all concerned without which the project may have never come to light.


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