Plans Going Ahead for the Improvement of Traffic Movement and Speed Along M60 and M62

The exciting plans are going ahead for the improvement of traffic movement and speed up the journey prediction times along the M60 and M62 motorways in the vicinity of the city of Manchester. Workers under contractual deals with the company Highways England have just completed the crucial task to transfer the area along the M62 by Rochdale from a hard shoulder zone into a regular traveling line for motorists.

Following this development, these hardworking contractors will then begin to implement their work on the central networks of the motorway. This will entail the use of a large amount of concrete (over 7,000 tons’ worth in fact!) that will be set in order to put a barrier in place. It is widely hoped that this initiative will help to reduce the amount of accidents and frequent bottlenecks along the motorway.

Furthermore, the fact that it will be made using a hardy material such as concrete means that very little repair or maintenance work will be needed for it to remain in its initial state. This equally will once again help to reduce any possible added congestion and traffic along that route. It is hoped that the implementation of these measures will result in the motorway being able to hold 33 per cent more vehicles, and will mean that there is more space for vehicles to navigate. It is clear that through all of these initiatives vehicles will be enabled to travel more safely, quickly and easily than ever before. The success of this project will be a huge step forward for Highways England and Mister Stephen Hill, one of the project managers at senior level, is very confident that the scheme will be a success. Drivers travelling along the M62 however will have to bear in mind that there will be closures during the night in order to permit for these renovations to take place


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