Popular Options of Food For Builders Working on Sites


A survey is currently being conducted to determine what are the most popular options of food for builders working on sites in and around the country. Whilst this might be an easy answer to determine (sandwiches, duh!) this is not always the case and it is quite evident that the answer to this perplexing question is not an easy one. Indeed, if it is a sandwich, what kind of filling does it have? What sort of sauce is most favoured by our country’s hard-working men? Being a ketchup and chicken man myself, that is what I would automatically choose to have if I were working on a building site. But I don’t.

On the other hand, it is quite clear that there are a range of answers that are available to this question and it will be very interesting to find out what snacks and lunches are favoured as compared with others. Of course, it will also help to determine whether or not eating healthily is on the agenda for workers all around the country. It is also quite clear that the choice of food also varies on the kind of project or contractual deal that is under way. Indeed, one doubts whether cucumber sandwiches would be the right option if one was on a high building site, the temptation to drop it from a high height being incredibly tempting for someone to do.

In a similar way, it is also clear that assessing eating habits in any industry is a good idea because it draws awareness to one’s own eating and drinking habits which could also sometimes be called into question. (He said as he reached for another donut, the twentieth of that evening.) It is hoped that the results collected will be of good use and will help us to clarify what it is that most tickles workers’ fancy on building sites dotted all around the expanses of this country.


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