R Collard Shift Towards More Metal Recycling

The area of Wokingham will be the latest area that R Collard will use to organize its waste disposal units which the Hampshire company specializes in, but this time with a difference. Indeed, this particular waste management plant will specialize in the recycling operations of metal material, thus indicating that R Collard is well on the way to developing more and more sustainable and environmentally-friendly methods of waste disposal as the year goes by.

Indeed, it is evident that by setting up this new site on Toutley Road in the vicinity of Wokingham, R Collard will not only be able to dispose metal materials and recycle them in an environmentally friendly way for their own building and construction operations, but will also be able to extend these services so that it will be able to enable other private contractors and companies in the area to have skip loads of metal that can be recycled rather than simply dumped in a land fill site where they take up space and are of no use to anybody.

Through this, different types of metals used in the building and construction industry ranging from aluminium to copper-based metals will be recycled, and the Wokingham area is similarly ideal for R Collard to conduct its other operations in the South, where it has other Transfer Stations in the Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire counties in places like Aldershot, Farnham and Reading. For the MD of R Collard, Robert Collard, this is an excellent investment in the future of metal recycling for the company as a whole and will also ensure that the firm is able to carry on conducting its excellent customer service skills as it has done so consistently in the past by keeping the metal recycling plant close to the R Collard client bases all around the South of England. The future of Metal Recycling for the company begins.


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