R Collard Stand Proud in the South

This article is designed to provide more information about waste management company R Collard, whose members at present are very pleased to have celebrated the company’s 21st year in existence and are looking forward to a prosperous and busy new year. Having recently revealed that they will pave the way for the future of recycling by opening a metal recycling plant in Wokingham, R Collard have consistently shown themselves to be incredibly productive and committed to providing excellent waste disposal services for company clients and contractors operating in the southern counties of the United Kingdom. Indeed, the high turnout of material recycling that the company prides itself with being able to manage successfully is indicative of how hard its members work and a testament to the reason why R Collard is viewed as one of the best waste management initiatives operating all around the South.

Last year saw it dealing with up to a staggering amount of waste product that exceeded the 365 tonnage mark and is indicative of the amount of waste product that could potentially be hazardous to the environment when it is thrown away or dumped in a land fill zone. But R Collard are experts in the management of waste product and, with their waste wash base and a number of other high-tech machinery that they have invested in over the years, were able to convert 97.5 per cent of this wastage into either recycled materials or for the recovery of energy.

With this in mind, it is evident that the company prioritizes sustainability and commitment towards saving as much waste disposal as possible. And with the South of England being a place where a large amount of building and construction is taking place and thus producing a considerable amount of wastage, it is evident that there needs to be a sustainable way of disposing of the waste product. Clearly, recycling it and reusing the materials for the acquisition of more energy is the way forward to ensuring a sustainable future which companies like R Collard are helping to ensure.


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