REL Electrical Earns a Contract With Romford Leisure Center

The city of Romford, in the East End of London, will be investing in a new leisure center for its citizens valued at a grand total of 25 million pounds, which REL Electrical will now be able to contribute towards. The family-run electrical installation business has just signed a contract to organize the installation and construction of the networks at Romford Leisure Center, which will be overseen by property management business Willmott Dixon, themselves under the watchful eye of Havering Council.

The electricals will be designed to eventually enable for the installation of the brand new facilities, among the many which will include such features as a pool for swimmers containing no less than 8 lanes. This will enable those wishing to swim to be able to go at their own comfortable pace, whilst those perhaps wanting to burn more calories will be able to launch themselves bravely and boldly into the faster lanes without knocking into the slowcoaches. In addition to these state-of-the-art pool facilities will be a new fitness suite, a specially built-in rink for ice skaters, as well as an assortment of other sporting activity appliances that the people of Romford will be able to benefit from. At a cost of 2 million pounds worth, REL Electric will plan, install and supervise the entire installation of the electronic side of affairs for the leisure center: this is estimated to take up to as long as an entire year.

REL’s MD Mister Toby Buckley has expressed his happiness in being affiliated with the new center, which it is hoped will revitalize and invigorate life into Romford’s infrastructure. Mister Buckley is adamant that the technical conundrums of the installation process will be challenging, but with an already impressive portfolio in developing leisure center space, it seems clear to all involved that REL Electrical are well suited to fulfilling the potential of the new Romford center. If anyone can do it, it’s REL.


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