Savills and Longevity Revealed That They are to Lead the Way In BREEAM’s

The property and carbon emission consultancy firms Savills and Longevity Partners have revealed that they are to lead the way in BREEAM’s new project to see whether 331 retail points all over Europe are eligible for BREEAM  certification. Originally initiated by Dedevco and BRE, the project is designed to reinvigorate the topic of sustainability in the building and construction sectors all over the European continent. With the lease margin of 3.2 million square meters across 11 different states in Europe, Redevco want to ensure that businesses in their area are committing to long term sustainability plans to improve the prospects of their enterprises and to consider the ways in which industrial activity can reduce its impact on the rest of the surrounding environment and the atmosphere.

Redevco is ambitious in its announced intention to have all of its assets in Europe certified by the time of the year 2021, yet with the planned project for Savills and Longevity Partners this goal could very well become a possibility for the company to achieve. By assessing the different ways in which sustainability is certified, Redevco will be well prepared for the challenges that they will need to prepare for once they feel ready for the challenges of the BIU certification program.

Using a sample of different assets based in places such as Holland and Portugal, this method of assessment will reduce costs for Redevco as well as act as a good way of measuring the ways in which the company can progress itself to achieve greater sustainability and environmental friendliness than ever before. Indeed, spokespeople for Longevity and Savills have expressed their enthusiasm for the project and confidence that it will give Redevco a very good idea on the different ways in which they can progress and the different initiatives that they can implement in order to be certified as more sustainable.


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