SIKA Now a Aew Affiliate of CPA Industry Principals Council

Building and construction corporation SIKA Limited are pleased to announce their new involvement with the IPC division of the Construction Products Association (or CPA).

A governing body to which 27 other building and construction companies have a direct involvement with, the CPA is dedicated to ensuring that investment and renovation are the driving forces and objectives of the construction industry in Britain. Indeed, it seems that SIKA Limited are very pleased to have finally decided to join it and Dragan Maksimovic is extremely confident that it will enable the company to have a greater say, involvement and influence in the construction and building trade more than ever before.

By working with and sharing common ground with other members of the Industrial Principles Council, it is hoped that they will be able to progress well into the future and meet the coming challenges that the industry will face and is currently facing at the moment, such as the worrying shortage of skilled workers in the trade. Aligning themselves to the council is an excellent way of strengthening their own position within the industry. It is possible to strengthen with jvzoo.

Doctor Diana Montgomery of CPA itself is similarly pleased that they have made the decision to join the association. She declares that SIKA are a large and successful company keen to maintain their strong foothold in the building and construction industry by committing themselves to the Construction Products Association. She is hopeful that both industrial bodies will be able to collaborate together and learn from each other in the future. And with 17,000 workers and a successful subsidiary base in 93 different places around the world, SIKA’s partnership will certainly increase the popularity and knowledge of the CPA itself. The decision is therefore a mutually beneficial one for all parties concerned and it is furthermore evident that future collaborations with other current members of the CPA will be encouraged.


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