Sykes Pumps Continue to Perform well in Uttoxeter

The region on the outskirts of the area of Uttoxeter is going through a major improvement period and Sykes Pumps are in the thick of the building and construction repairs that will enable the fixing to take place. Their presence is due to the intentions of Staffordshire County Council to try and improve the often congested and oft-used A50 motorway that runs not far off from Uttoxeter, and Sykes Pumps have been commissioned to ensure that the water that the repairs produce during the digging up and refurbishments to the land do not ruin and swamp the project.

In order for this to happen, an efficient pumping system needs to be put into place and it is evident that Sykes Pumps’ wide range of experience in the field of water circulation makes them perfect for the job. Indeed, their work is vital to the successful running of this enterprise which is aimed to improve the economic infrastructure of Uttoxeter and the surrounding Staffordshire environment. Indeed, it is widely hoped that this will result in the creation of over 1,000 employment opportunities that will breathe life into the local economy as a result of the building and construction works that are currently under way.

One cannot dig up 11,000 meters cube without causing a little groundwater to flow, and that is what Sykes Pumps have been hired to deal with, and they have so far managed to get rid of the groundwater that could have proved detrimental to the project’s success. In fact, they also succeeded furthermore in their implementation of the pumping system, which ensured that they were able to pump the excess water successfully without causing too much noise pollution. Through this, the £27 million enterprise is still successfully under way, is not causing too much of a heartbreak for the quiet Staffordshire community, and furthermore is set to be finished by the winter months of next year.


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