Sykes Pumps Help out in Kent

Sykes Pumps have pumped back some vital enthusiasm into the community of Maidstone, Kent, by contributing to the effort to control water level areas in the vicinity.

A special wheel had to be redesigned for location across one of the gateway entrances along the Upper Medway Navigation so that the water levels could be measured and controlled accurately and efficiently by the sliding gate. The team enterprise involved the twinned efforts of Hunton Engineering and Sykes Pumps to work together on different areas of the project in order to ensure its overall success in the watery Kent area.

The contributions of Sykes Pumps were vital in the sense they were able to design and make the essential component Super Wispaset 150, a device which was at once very efficient with pumping large levels of water whilst at the same time reducing the noise pollution that would normally ensue from such a bustling and frenetic activity. Able to work on limited amounts of fuel energy, the perfect implementation of this product necessitated as well the protection of the engineers and contractors working on the structure: various amounts of scaffolds had to be constructed in order to ensure that they were kept well out of harm’s way during the potentially hazardous activity and that none were swept into the water. The minute the work was done, the Super Wispaset 150 was taken back to dry land by Sykes Pumps once it had served its time at a fantastic efficiency and a reduced pollution cost to individuals in the local area.

Indeed, Mister Sean Trow of Hunton Engineering expressed his satisfaction that such a business like Sykes Pump could be dispatched and prove effective as well as reliable in ensuring that the task was completed to the best of every worker’s ability. Through this collaborative work between the two businesses, it is hoped that the sluice gate in Maidstone will once again prove to be as operational and as effective as ever.


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BDC 305 Jun 2023