The Staggering Gap in Pay Between Skilled Workers and Unskilled Estate Agents

A recent report and release of statistics by online conglomerate eMoov has indicated a staggering discrepancy between the amounts of pay earned by top estate agencies in the United Kingdom compared to other workers, including those in the building and construction trades. The study calculated that some high-profile estate agencies could be paying their unskilled agents up to £815 an hour: this is, the survey explains, a clear result of the incredible soaring of the prices of homes across the United Kingdom, particularly in and around the suburbs of London such as the borough of Barking and Dagenham.

Whilst it is clear that the rising value of a property will in turn increase the rise in commission by successful estate agencies, the discrepancy between what they could profit from this compared to skilled laborers in the country is a prime example of the scrupulousness of these property agencies. EMoov calculated that a skilled practitioner in manual labor, such as the professions carried out by electricians and plumbers would on average make between £17 and £18 an hour. In comparison to this, an estate agent could be earning more than £800 an hour in this country due to the shocking rise in house prices recently. Surely this is to be seen by the building and construction industries as an indication of the lack of fairness and the sheer lack of scruples that these estate agencies have.

At a time when concerns are constantly being raised about the worrying lack of skilled laborers and manual workers in this country, it is clear that something ought to be done to ameliorate this shortage. But when the wage gap between what a hard-working electrician might earn and what an estate agent could earn based on the current housing market is so huge, it is clear that something must be done to tackle this unfairness in society where salesmen are being paid more than 19 times more than workers whose aim it is to keep British homes warm and in decent working order.


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