Tilbury Port Visited by Minister for Housing

Gavin Barwell MP will have visited the bustling Port of Tilbury in the past few days, which is witnessing a great deal more of activity than usual because it is in fact being extended in order to allow for it to grow and prosper to even greater heights than ever before. In the past decade, the location itself has increased its capacity for volume size by twice the amount that it had originally been set to, and the Minister has been informed of the huge amount of building and construction materials that it receives and deals with. Indeed, last year the Port of Tilbury witnessed the handling of more than 40 million bricks which would be transported to the appropriate venues in the land in order to provide more housing developments for the citizens of this country.

Indeed, it is clear that the Port has had to expand and be built upon in order to cope with the increasing demand of raw construction materials that it receives through its gateways. With an investment project totaling £1 billion, Gavin Barwell MP was impressed to find out that part of those funds were used to create a 152 acre port space below the level of the water known as Tilbury 2.

Charles Hammond the Group CEO of Forth Ports was pleased with the MP’s visit and wanted to emphasize the huge amount of growth and expansion that has been implemented into the port as well as the surrounding area of Tilbury itself in order to ensure the future of the location as one of the major players in the reception and delivery of goods to and from all parts of the land. It is evident that with a new Amazon UK warehouse also in the process of being built, Gavin Barwell MP was impressed with the amount of land development that is occurring in the area and is hopeful that it will continue to grow and expand in the future.


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