Is Your Warehouse Environment Safe Enough to Work in?


Running a business from your own premises can be costly, not only in terms of regular outgoing bills but also to pay external contractors to come in and conduct work, whether that is to redecorate the office or to get on the roof and clear the gutters. Whatever work is needed to be completed by contractors you need to make sure your business premises is safe enough to conduct work in, and implementing the following into your workplace is essential.

Site Induction for All New Visitors

It doesn’t matter how big your premises is you should always do a site induction for any new contractors that have to work on the site, and that will mean explaining to them where the nearest fire exits are, and of course letting them know where the fire assembly point is if there is a fire. There are many other safety explanations to make sure contractors are aware of. Doing a site induction may take time out of your day, but it’s something that needs to be done to ensure the safety of all visitors.

Built-in Ladders around the Warehouse

A lot of business premises are built around warehouse environments so you need to make sure there are numerous built-in ladders to ensure contractors can get to their place of work safely. Sometimes you may need to get roof access ladders if contractors need to conduct work on the roof, and other times you may need to look at built-in ladder options if there are roofs within the warehouse environment itself.

Make Sure Working Areas Are Clean & Tidy

Not only will you want to make sure your working environment is clean and tidy for your employees to work more efficiently and safe in, but when you have visitors you will also want to protect them as much as possible. In a warehouse environment, you will find that there is always banding around that can be tripped over, and plenty of other materials that can cause slips and potential injuries. Always make sure your employees keep the working environment clean and tidy as that will protect you if any other contractors come in to conduct work.

Abide By Health & Safety Regulations

Health & safety regulators are sometimes known to be over the top when it comes to making warehouse environments safe to work in, but following the rules is important for the safety of all employees and external contractors. If you do not follow the rules not only will you be subject to fines, but your employees could succumb to injury.

Implementing the above into any warehouse environment is important for your employees and visitors. If you do not implement the above you may find workers get injured and that could be a costly expense to your business, and in some cases, it could mean you lose your business altogether. It might be a costly investment in terms of money and time to make your working environment safe, but it’s a mandatory practice and all business owners should be doing it to protect themselves and everyone working in the area.


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