6 Preventative maintenance tips for commercial plumbing

6 Preventative Maintenance Tips For Commercial Plumbing

People often underestimate the importance of plumbing in their commercial business, but think about it; you can work hard to create the best business in the world, but something as understated as a water leak could cause thousand of pounds worth of damage or even closure.

For businesses, such as restaurants and hotels, the quality of your plumbing is pivotal for cleaning of utensils and guest use. The problem is; when things go wrong they are expensive to fix.

Getting the help of a professional plumber is not the most cost effective solution when you’re trying to run a business – luckily there are actions you can take to prevent ever needing to call in a professional. Here are some of the ways in which you can keep on top of your plumbing before it becomes a problem.

Unclog drains

If the drainage speed of your sinks is a little on the slow side you should act before it gets any worse. This can be solved easily using a mixture of hot water and vinegar to pour down your drains and dislodge any unwanted debris. This should be done routinely every three months just to keep on top of the situation – you never know what might have accumulated down there!

Check the pressure

There really is nothing worse than a limp shower, so if you own a hotel and your showers are lacking water pressure then your guests aren’t likely to return – and could leave a bad review in the process! Using a pressure gauge can help you test the pressure in your water circulation system. Investing in top of the line shower pumps will prevent any issues in low water pressure.

Stop the leaks

If you ignore a leaking tap or showerhead, it’s not going to get any better – drips are far more likely to get worse over time if left unchecked. These drips may seem harmless right now, but they are actually adding a substantial amount to your water bills, as well as potentially causing other problems. Check the handles of the taps/showerheads to make sure that you don’t have a drip when they are turned off and inspect under the sinks for any potential water damage.

Protect your toilets

Leaks or clogging in toilets can spell disaster for your business – if your toilets go bust, your reputation could soon follow. Making sure you have a respected manufacturer of your toilets that offer toilet plumbing for the commercial sector will make sure you are ready to cope with the heavy demands.

Flush only what’s necessary

When it comes to toilets, the only thing you should be flushing is toilet paper and human waste – anything else can cause clogging and spell disaster. For a commercial business this may be difficult to enforce as you don’t have total control, but putting up signs reminding people of this fact could be your best bet to avoiding potential trouble.

Inspect your appliances

Sometimes the leaks can come from something you wouldn’t normally expect, like a refrigerator or washing machine, and can cause mould/mildew if you don’t notice before it’s too late. Unexplained puddles are an obvious giveaway, but you would be best served checking underneath every so often just to be safe.


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