Cloud Software Solutions for Collaborative Building Information Modelling has Joined the Open BIM Programme

A provider for cloud software solutions for collaborative Building Information Modelling has joined the Open BIM Programme. 3D Repo has signed up to join the initiative which is designed to provide a universal approach to the collaborative design, realization and also operation of buildings. This approach is based on an open standard and workflows. Open BIM is a system that is used by leading software vendors using the buildingSMART Data Model. This model uses open standards such as Industry Foundation Classes and BIM Collaboration Format.

This open source software solution is award winning and available to try for free. 3D Repo is joining a growing number of members in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction sector that is promoting collaborations that are being successful and streamlined on BIM projects around the world.

Open BIM allows the support of a transparent workflow that is creating a common space for end users to communicate with potential suppliers in order to get projects with clear cut commercial engagement as well as a service evaluation that is comparable and an assured level of data quality.

The Open BIM Programme is a worldwide system that is not specific to any particular product, rather created by the buildingSMART group with the intention to promote open communication systems as a vital part of the BIM process. This system will provide the industry with education and support with the use of the Open BIM process.  The Open BIM programme is promoted by companies such as GRAPHISOFT, Tekla and other different companies. The intention behind this scheme is to encourage the globally coordinated Open BIM idea across the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industries. The system allows for common branding for those signed up to the programme like 3D Repo.

The Open BIM Programme allows stakeholders of this industry to work together, in a way that is independent from their profession or software choice in order to support the construction sector.


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BDC 305 Jun 2023