Highways England Announced Multi-Million Pounds of Road Improvements

Highways England has announced Multi-million pounds of road improvements in order to help with the development of 4,000 homes and more than 10,900 jobs. These improvements are expected to cost £75 million and the improvements by Highways England should create opportunities around Derby and Daventry in the Midlands as well as Oldham in the North West, Durham in the North East and Taunton in the South West.

As part of these project, Highways England will be contributing £12.45 million contribution as part of its Growth and Housing Fund. The rest of the £75 million cost will be coming from private sector developer contributions as well as other public funding. The Growth and Housing Fund is the Government’s £100 million fund set aside as part of the £15 billion investment in the road network. The Fund will provide funding for road improvements that are necessary for new developments intended to create homes and jobs in order to try and meet the demand.

It has also been announced that Highways England has set out a plan that will use Government funding in order to create the largest impact over the long-term on the countries network of motorways and major A roads. It is important that these road systems are kept up to a high standard because they contribute to the country’s economic wellbeing. This ‘The Road to Growth’ plan is a way to manage the growth of the economy through the improvement of infrastructure like roads. Highways England also has plans to publish 128 ‘Route Strategies’ which includes all key road routes around England. The strategies will review the key routes, noting their performances and constraints in order to identify where needs further study or where improvements can be made.

England’s Major roads are vital as part of the economic growth of the country as t provides a connection for businesses and people. The more efficient this connection is, the better for the economy.


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