Mansfield Has Been Progressing After the Signing a Funding Agreement

A mixed-use development in Mansfield has been progressing after the signing a funding agreement with the Homes and Communities Agency. This multi-million-pound development has taken a step forward as Berry Hill Mansfield has been awarded £8.5 million in funding from the HCA as part of a scheme that should provide much-needed homes for West Nottingham, and will also create jobs and business opportunities through the development of their new innovation park, as well as varied land opportunities which will include retail and leisure facilities.

The Lindhurst Group is the developers for Berry Hill Mansfield and are pleased that the project has received backing from the Homes and Communities Agency when delivering the development. Berry Hill should provide a significant boost to the economy by creating up to 4,000 new jobs. These new jobs will also be delivering homes that are urgently required in order to meet demand. The development will create a brand new community for Nottingham area.

The £8.5 million loan that has been agreed will ensure that 1,700 much needed homes will be built in Nottingham. This funding will provide the infrastructure needed to make sure the building goes ahead. The Lindhurst Group will develop 480 acres of land that are located on the boundary of Nottingham and Mansfield. This development will deliver an urban extension to Southern Mansfield. The scheme will include land that will be used for hi-tech research as well as development facilities, offices and accommodation for industrial uses. There will also be a new primary school, a children’s nursery as well as a health centre and care facilities.

The infrastructure that is associated with the first phase of the developments have now begun. Work to build the houses is expected to start later this year. The first phase of the development will see 500 new homes built.


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